Children’s Book
Written and Illustrated By Stella Huang

Two Homes One Love is a heartwarming story written for children who experience divorcing parents. When I started making this book, I had in mind the children who feel outcasted by the society’s standard of what a normal family looks like. This book serves as a reassuring voice for those who feel like their home is no longer a safe place, reminding them the truth that they are not alone. 

In this book, we delve into the world of Mabel, a spirited young girl whose life takes an unexpected turn when her parents reveal that they are getting a divorce. As she grapples with the confusing emotions of sadness, anger, and fear, she discovers that her parents' love for her remains the same. Through their promise to always love her unconditionally, Mabel begins to understand that while her parents may live in two separate homes, they both share one love for her.