UIUX / Brand Design
Collaborative Project
Later is a digital app that allows users to share photos through one platform. Not all phones have features like AirDrop or Apple’s shared album. Therefore, this app was intended to simplify the process of photo-sharing among multiple, different devices. With a shake of your phone, all the nearby events will appear on your screen. It is an easy access and a fun way to collaborate with your friends, family, and loved ones on sharing memories together. 


Sharing memories with friends and family should not be a chore. We want to solve the issue of sharing images over AirDrop when you and your loved ones are supposed to be enjoying the moment, or being bombarded the next day with texts that say “can you send the pictures from last night?”


Our aim is to create an app that simplifies the media sharing process after events, gatherings, trips, or parties by streamlining the photo sharing process and archiving memories in an organized manner to create a meaningful user experience, all in a single application.


Our vision is to create a practical, organized and fun way to share media across all devices while encouraging users to simply live in the moment. We aim to create a seamless photo sharing experience which lets users worry about it Later.